Wheelchair Van Rental
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Wheelchair Van Rental St. Louis

Check out our  Brand New Rental Fleet coming May 1st 2017!

DW Auto and Home Mobility and HiTek Mobility, St. Louis and Columbia MO, offer Wheelchair van Rentals.  We have two styles of rental vans to choose from, Power folding automatic side entry and rear entry manual opening.  Persons with disabilities can ride in their wheelchair inside the van.  No transfers from the wheelchair are necessary.


Don't rent an old out dated van, come to HiTek Mobility and DW Auto and Home Mobility where you will get a High quality low mileage Toyota Sienna with a newly built conversion and drive you rental with confidence.  



           Daily.......... start at 110 per day 

     Weekly and Monthly rates are available as well.



Vehicles are picked up at our two locations at no charge.  Optional drop off and pick up are available for a delivery and pick up fee.

636-385-6372 to reserve your van.