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The Invacare Matrx PCS positioning back has applications for both manual and power chair users, for upright seating systems and for tilt and/or recline systems.  This new lightweight back is designed with several features including scapular cutouts, sacral support, sacral contours, 3" of lateral contour depth, and height/back angle/depth adjustability.

-Lightweight positioning back with three inches of lateral contour depth for lateral trunk support to facilitate centering and postural control.
-Scapular cutouts to facilitate upright positioning with trunk extension without interfering with upper extremity range of motion.
-Spacer Fabric upholstery for improved airflow between the user and the back for optimal management of heat and moisture to promote better skin integrity.
-New single point mounting hardware that securely mounts between the canes without any unwanted play while allowing height, depth and back angle adjustments.
-Optional Thoracic Lateral Supports and Pelvic Stabilizers provide additional positioning for the trunk and pelvis to increase support.  These supports are adjustable in height and width and take the place of the clinician's hands in keeping the user in the best position identified. 
Available in 22" (ITPCSR22) and 24" (ITPCSR24).

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