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Category: Wheelchair / Power

TiLite builds the Aero X with a one-piece side frames which increases performance by reducing flex and increasing durability.
 The Aero X features TiLite’s Tru-Fit Component System making components clamp directly onto the side frames which eliminates one of the main stress points by reducing the number of holes in the frame by 50%.
In addition, the Tru-Fit System allows for infinite adjust-ability of its components.
This design innovation also greatly improves the durability of the frame.
The Easy-Fold design allows TiLite to use one-piece side frames in its newest line of folding chairs.
 In addition, the Easy-Fold RFM cross tubes secure to the bottom frame tube by clamping over it.
This keeps the bottom pivot point in line with the frame, allowing the chair to fold as narrowly as possible.
The cross tubes also feature snap-in seat saddles that lock the cross tubes into place, helping the Aero X achieve rigid chair performance.
One-Piece Side Frame Tru-Fit System Easy-Fold Rigid Folding Mechanism
 Snap-In Seat Saddles
Adjustable Bullet Caster Housing
 Curved Axle Plate
 Fixed or Swing Front End
 Machined Camber Plugs
Many Color Options

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