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Prism Medical's C-625 delivers innovation, affordability and quality.
Ceiling lifts dramatically reduce injuries resulting from the handling
of patients/residents in both institutional and homecare settings. The
C-625 has been designed with a full set of standard features and can be
safely operated by a single caregiver.

Built for quiet operation, the C-625 provides a smooth and effortless transfer which safely
enhances the working conditions of caregivers. At the press of a button,
the C-625 will lift up to a maximum of 625 lbs (283 kgs) allowing
maximum flexibility in the type of patients that can be transferred. For
additional flexibility, powered traversing options can be included.

Incredibly compact but powerful, the C-625 looks good in any setting. With
innovative features like a digital display and programmability, a host
of standard safety features, and a modular design that allows for easy
preventative maintenance, the C-625 is the most advanced ceiling lift
available.The C-625 is available with manual or power traversing.

  • Smallest lift of its class
  • At least 7" (18 cm) of additional lifting height
  • Quick lifting speed
  • Simple maintenance
  • Easy to charge batteries
  • Audible low battery indicator
  • Visual battery/charge level display
  • Digital display indicates number of lifts, battery levels, and lift status.
  • Auto shut-off7.5' (2.2 m) foot strap vertical movement allows easily lifts from the floor
  • Emergency stop and emergency power lowering on lift
  • Emergency manual raising or lowering
  • Available with Return to Charge option

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