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One solution to your outdoor mobility needs is the Frontier Power Wheelchair from Innovation in Motion.  The Frontier Power Wheelchair combines tight turning associated with a center wheel drive chair with the extreme gripping of the bulky balloon all terrain tires.  This power wheelchair is a favorite of outdoorsmen in Missouri.  With speeds of up to 8 miles per hour and enough torque to take a four inch curb, this wheelchair is an all around performer.



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Outdoor power mobility is covered by most major insurances.  DW Auto and Home Mobility will be happy to process your power wheelchair through your health insurance and has done so for hundreds of clients.  We work hard at helping your insurance understand your outdoor mobility needs and we boast a 100% APPROVAL  rate on all of our outdoor wheelchair requests.  Simply contact our  office and one of our helpful staff will come to your house and help you get started in the process.
The Extreme X4 power wheelchair is the ultimate in outdoor maneuverability.  With all 4 wheels active in pulling, the extreme is only limited by its poor turning radious.  Mud, woods, sand and gravel are no match for this chair.  Many clients enjoy this chair for its outdoor go anywhere attitude and remark is is unmatched in an open muddy field.  

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